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    Naruto Shippuden: Season 19 (2015)

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    StarGenreDurationSynopsisIMDBProductionSubtitleREAD THIS
    Junko Takeuchi
    Chie Nakamura
    Kazuhiko Inoue
    25 Minutes
    As Sakura tries to keep Naruto alive after he lost Kurama, Tsunade remembers a time before the Fourth Great Ninja War when she arranged a meeting with the newly established Kazekage Gaara to stage a Chunin Exam event with Kankuro and Temari wary of the Fifth Hokage’s intentions. After Tsunade explained that the new Chunin Exams are to lure out the Akatsuki, Gaara offers his help in her plan as it the event would also weed out conspirators among his people who are staging a coup d’état against him. After arranging the exams to first begin at the Hidden Leaf Village and then conclude at the Hidden Sand, Tsunade sends out the ANBU to deliver invitations to the other Kage. Though each received an invitation, Ay, Mei, and Onoki all refuse to have their villages take part in the new Chunin Exams. Elsewhere, Kakashi arrives to the Hidden Rain Village where he encounters Hanzo.

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